Creates alignment via transparency and accountability

Meeting Rhythms

Meeting Rhythms – Daily – Weekly – Bi-Monthly – Monthly – Quarterly – Annual huddles/meetings with specific agendas that are effective and practical. (Time well spent is key).

  • Captures opportunities while identifying and addressing challenges faster
  • Creates alignment where everyone knows whats going on
  • Reduces the need for ‘Hey, ya go a minute’ meetings
  • Limits the amount of email overall – ‘bring it to the huddle’
  • Adds accountability and support

Critical Numbers

Critical Numbers are those FEW numbers that allow you to measure the success of the business.

  • Keeping those most important metrics in front of everyone and updating progress – or lack of it
  • Creating focus on just a few metrics the business is able to understand and focus on – so that you do what is important versus what is merely urgent
  • Identifying lading indicators vs. lagging indicators allows for real time progress targeting

KPI Metrics

KPI Metrics simply define the “Key Performance Indicators” for success. (That is, if you are doing “this” regularly then you are making progress).

  • Reveals to the entire organization the ‘progress’ of each person in the organization
  • Creates accountability – a measurable metric that gets reported regularly


Dashboards give the business the ability to see the future by looking where they are and where they are going.

  • Helps everyone understand “where we are now – at this very moment”
  • Creates a sense of urgency to focus on priorities – consistently day after day