How the Petra Program Works

The daily grind of growing a business is tough… it doesn’t have to be that way. We work from our own business experiences while focusing on your business – as coach and an accountability partner. We implement the process in a way that ensures it “sticks” then we stay engaged to keep you on your path to success and less frustration. We don’t want this to be just another thing you start – then it gets ignored and finally dies… let’s stop that cycle in your business. The Petra Program ‘clarifies’ what is most important to be done – by whom, by when – AND creates an accountability structure to ensure IT GETS DONE.

Improve Team Engagement

Teams are the lifeblood of any business hoping to grow. To create a strong team, Petra focuses on uniting your company’s people around a commonly shared core purpose. In the initial stages of the program, a Petra coach leads a full-day retreat to help employees and executive leadership concisely define the company’s identity and set quarterly, annual and long-term goals. The One-Page Strategic Plan that emerges from this work allows everyone within the company to understand how to align his or her role with the ultimate goals of the company. Everyone is, quite literally, on the same page.
Increase Communication

Every person in your business is unique. Most businesses try to group everyone into the same box, which creates frustration for employees and managers alike. Using tools like the DiSC test to measure and understand each team member – with an emphasis on recognizing their talents and cultivating their growth through appreciation – Petra’s program will help you learn which methods are best for developing everyone on your team as the unique individuals they are. Click here to email me about DiSC 
Better Meeting Rhythms

Annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and – yes! – daily meetings can be powerful tools to grow your business. The Petra program guides your business into the gradual adoption of rhythm meetings as indispensable habits for your company’s success.
Create Your Daily Huddle

Big changes are the consequences of small actions taken over time. The Daily Huddle – a 15-minute closely structured meeting with your team– is a central part of Petra’s commitment to keeping everyone aligned with the company’s vision and accountable to each other. In Daily Huddles each team member reports on the status of his or her Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), giving a definite quantity to denote progress (e.g., Joe has made 6 of 10 widgets for the quarter.). Accountability and teamwork are the natural outcomes of well-developed Daily Huddles. Your Petra coach will guide you through the process of implementing the Daily Huddle and making it a habit.
Make Core Values Live

A company can’t have a solid foundation without core values. Core values are the rules and principles – the signposts – that help everyone stay on the path to prosperity. Petra’s program encourages discovery of your company’s core values. By learning how to instill them across your entire organization (and your client base), everyone within your business will make decisions aligned with the same basic principles. This means fewer decisions for leadership and a streamlined decision-making process for your company.
Know What Everyone Is Doing and Why

Planning is so often taken for granted that most businesses merely arrive, rather than plan, where they are going. Petra instills the necessity of solid, proactive planning for your business with a focus on aligning your plan for growth in the immediate future with your vision for the company in the years ahead. Completing an easy-to-understand, company-wide plan will chart a clear course for growth, keeping everyone in your business focused on what matters most.
Prioritize the Important

All too often we rush to the urgent at the expense of the important. Petra teaches your company how to avoid this trap. With an emphasis on aligning individual team members’ goals with those of the company as a whole, the Petra program instills the habit of accountability in your company’s culture. With targeted “rhythm meetings” that happen daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually, your Petra coach will help your company’s employees gain a clear understanding of their priorities in both the short and long-term.