About 60-Minute Habits

In our new BONUS workshop series, we’re breaking business best practices down into 60-minute sessions for you to apply in your organization.

Every business has too much going on – we get it. But this means it’s crucial to step out of the weeds and identify the things that are most important to the organization. These important items are the basis for a Theme.

A Theme is nothing more than the creation of a creative project to crystalize the focus of your entire team toward, and through, a defined, “most important” outcome. Not to mention creating a little friendly competition within the office!

In this 60-minute workshop, attendees will learn…

  • The key elements of creating a successful Theme
  • Tips and tricks for keeping your Theme prominent and relevant for your team throughout the entire quarter, while utilizing it to driving the business forward
  • A clear plan and the tools you need to define and establish a winning Theme in your organization that produces real results

Register today and start focusing on what matters MOST in your business!

Upcoming Dates & Times:

  • Creating Themes That Create Results
    Date: Thu, April 11, 2024
    Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CT
    Location: Virtual
    Price: Free
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