Marshall Martin
Certified Petra Coach

Marshall Martin subscribes to the coaching theory that “great athletes refuse to lose” and that the “will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” Coach Marshall incorporates each of these into his passionate leadership style for business. After all, there’s an athlete in all of us who wants to succeed, and success can be reached through making plans, setting goals, remaining accountable, and maybe the occasional “out of your comfort zone” moment. For 25 years Marshall has used this approach in business and in his personal life to achieve rewarding outcomes.

Marshall has over 20 years of senior leadership experience, with the last ten at the C-Level driving sales, growth, and exit strategies. He has helped companies ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar organizations in fields like software technology, healthcare, transportation and manufacturing. In fact, Marshall first encountered Petra’s “Rock Habits” process when he used it to help one business achieve a successful exit and witnessed its value firsthand.

Outside of work, Marshall can be found challenging his own comfort zone training for a cycling or triathlon event. He discovered his love for endurance sports in the early 90’s and has a litany of athletic honors. He’s an accomplished category 2 road cyclist, a former Tennessee State champion, a multi-win triathlon state champion, an All-American and an All-World Ironman triathlete.