Mandy Burage
Director of Initiative

Mandy Burage is the official DiSC GURU and director of initiative for Petra Coach. After taking the DiSC personality test in 2007, Mandy learned about her own communication styles and officially fell in love with the DiSC program. Since completing DiSC training in 2012, Mandy has been working with Petra members to improve their communication styles and implement a culture that uses the program’s insights on a daily basis. Mandy can assess an individual’s DiSC personality based on one conversation, and she uses that knowledge to convey information more effectively during meetings and planning sessions. Her “Di” personality may come across as blunt or direct, but it fuels Petra members to discover their true potentials. In addition to using DiSC profiles, Mandy also follows Rockefeller Habits to help clients “get it done.” Whether she’s in an all-day planning session or calling Petra members to hold them accountable, she is all about achieving results.

Prior to working with Petra Coach, Mandy used Rockefeller Habits to lead an inside sales team at Resource Communications Group. In her first year, she doubled the team’s sales by focusing on what needed to get done by whom and by when. When Mandy is not pushing clients to be their very best, you can find her jogging the streets of Nashville, winding down with a beer or cheering on her Auburn Tigers.

Areas of Focus & Specialty

  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Process