Byron Yawn
Director of Business Development

Byron believes that every company comes down to – not goods, services or money – but a set of words. We call these words “Core Values.” And the degree to which a company is aligned with their core values is the degree to which they will succeed in their mission. As a wordsmith and systems guy, Byron’s love is helping clarify purpose and creating alignment in the companies we work with.


Before coming on with Petra, Byron founded Forrest Crain & Company – a small consulting firm, specializing in taking the personal practices of leaders in various fields and using them to create a business model, job description and workflow around the role to re-fill it successfully after an exit. Essentially, Byron has spent his time helping organizations scale by capturing the most elusive resource of all – the experience of the founder/leader.


Raised in Mississippi, Byron attended Mississippi College where he earned his BA in History and Literature, eventually going on to earn his Doctorate in Public Communication. Outside of the workplace, Byron enjoys spending time with his three adult children, reading/writing, being a foodie and cycling.