The Petra Experience

The Petra Experience is like a Mental Marathon of focused effort to create a specific set of priorities and a planned process to achieve them… as a team

  • “We have been working with Petra for one year and in the past year, our revenue has increased more than 50%.  Our employees have vision, focus and purpose which aligns with our core values and growth plans.  Our team of 80 employees have never been happier and we feel like everyone not only knows where we are going but they also know exactly what they must do to get us there.” ~ Kevin Tyner, Dsi
  • “In the last six months since working with Petra our marketing team is stronger, and I, as a leader, am more effective and efficient than I’ve ever been.  Every day I think about how to support, nurture, and appreciate my team and my colleagues because of the concepts I’ve learned through the program.  I’m really in a “there’s no try, just do” mode and working on ideas that will improve my effectiveness here at PureSafety and my effectiveness as a leader and individual contributor.  We all have a part to play in making PureSafety a better place to work and of course, grow to our fullest potential.  Thank you for being the mentor, coach and asset to the team.” ~ Kelly Maier, PureSafety
  • “Through Petra and Align, our Daily Huddle meeting is working and we are really executing our plan for this quarter.  My team is killing it and a big thanks goes to Petra.” ~ J.R. Carter, Intersys Consulting“For years we have been trying to accomplish some things that we thought were important.  Petra came in and coached us through it all in one day!  Amazing and inspiring program.” ~ Cyd Doverspike, TherEX
  • “One of Aptify’s best decisions – introducing Aptify to Petra!” ~ David Frick“I love our quarterly planning sessions with the Petra team.  Their guidance, encouragement and holding up accountability have helped to mold us into a successful team.” ~ Jonathan O’Neal, Turner Machine
  • “The Petra team does a great job supporting our team after the day of quarterly planning.  Texts and emails are sent to us regarding subjects that are relevant to our team.  Petra creates relevant business connections between your company and other business that benefit your company.  Petra also provides materials to assist your company in tackling company initiatives and allows you to accelerate the project more quickly.  The Petra process will show you the best way to get results and how to execute.” ~ Corey Cormier, Legal Monkeys
  • “I love that the planning sessions enable us to “defend” our top priorities for the quarter.  I also love that we all know what each other is working on, especially in other departments.  The Daily Huddle is a great way for us to stay connected.  I really enjoy our Petra sessions.” ~ Stephanie Alexander, InQuicker
  • “I am so impressed with Petra and Align.  They are a HUGE reason for our growth and success!  Keep doing what you are doing!” ~ JT Terrell / Partner, Music City Tents and Events
  • “Thank you for facilitating our best ever Legal Monkeys Quarterly Planning Session!  You have this special quality about you that is unexpected from a facilitator of a strategy session.  It’s this rare combo of a serious, results driven business guy who says it like it is, but then at the end talks genuinely about showing appreciation to the staff.  Wow!  Our company will be working on the right priorities this next quarter, and you are a big part of that!” ~ Legal Monkeys Team
  • “Petra and Align leads the way for more accountability and alignment for all throughout the organization. “ ~ Betsy Allen, Gaining Results
  • “When it comes to business consulting, the Petra Coaches have a hands-on, atypical approach that really works. Their engaging, thought-provoking mediating style drives you to identify and focus on the most important goals your business needs to accomplish in order to move forward.They don’t take it easy on you, and it pays in abundance.” ~ Snapshot Interactive

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