• Do you want to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond? Are you ready for a challenge, to stretch yourself, learn and become a greater version of yourself – day after day?
  • Do you really have a track record of success, gaining greater and greater results year after year and KNOW that you are nowhere near your full potential?
  • Do you have the ability to communicate from an entrepreneurial mindset with dynamic, smart, savvy leaders via listening first, collecting the data to drive the conversation?
  • Can you hit your targets? Not just by working long hours but by planning ahead, preparing and producing results?
  • Do you have a working knowledge of business practices – Finance, Sales, Operations, Service etc. – or have actually run your own business in the past? Can you use those experiences to read people quickly and construct innovative ways to close?
  • Are you tech savvy? Not in the Snapchat sense, but in the, ‘I know how put tech to work for me to make my life easier’ sense. *At a minimum the ability to dive in to tech and learn fast without having to be taught.
  • Are you coachable? Willing to listen, test, fail and learn from the failure to pursue excellence? Then keep doing it over and over again?
  • Do you have inherent “drive” – always ON and never giving up? Hating a loss more than enjoying a win? We only want a self-starting warrior (personally and professionally) in this role.
  • Do you see yourself as part of a team and working as a team? We need someone who wants to build others, assist others, and have fun doing it!


  1. Define clear and measurable plans for teams across North America and Western Europe
  2. Implement systems to ensure those plans get done
  3. Build cultures of purpose, alignment and accountability – and have fun doing it!


  • At our core, we are a MINDSHIFT business!
  • Have a ‘POSITIVE IMPACT ON 10,000,000 HUMAN BEINGS!’
  • We believe we exist to Inspires Change 3 Layers Deep – The HEAD (think), The HEART (feel), The WHO (change)


How we behave with each other, with our members, with our community – with ourselves

  • There is no TRY – only DO!
  • I’ve got your Back – no matter what!
  • Please and Thank You – say it and mean it!
  • Everything an Experience – every time!
  • See around the curves – anticipate needs and pre-fill them!
  • Be Curious – ask why and improve!


  • Creating and cultivating leads for our services – leading candidates through the sales process and closing them into long term members. Speaking to entrepreneurial business owners on and above their level – instructing them, not selling them.
  • Oversight and management of all sales activities, from lead generation to member retention, working with a team and creating the revenue needed to maintain the desired growth year over year.
    • 1,500 qualified leads annually
    • 400 candidates into the process annually
    • 120 closed candidates to full members (30 per quarter)
    • Adding new revenue of $3.6M annually (with annual increases) Retention increases year over year on existing base
    • Become the ‘face’ of Petra Coach in the market. Attending, leading, speaking at events across North America (likely one per month) *You must have the ability to publicly and dynamically deliver a compelling message
  • You’ll be a member of the executive team. This means you contribute, challenge the others, insert yourself and bring ideas – don’t just attend
  • Work seamlessly with the delivery team via hand-offs and integration once a member is closed and maintain contact to ensure both satisfaction and retention in-between plannings. Understanding of the 40 Rockefeller Habits and helping teams with it all.
  • Use the technology, enhance the work flow and yourself – must never be satisfied, always working to make everything produce better results
  • Lastly – Produce the damn results and have fun! If you’re winning AND having fun – that’s who we need. Let’s build a company that changes lives globally – together.


  • If you’re interested in changing lives with us and think you have what it takes – email andy@petracoach.com for more information and to set up a discovery call.