Petra Coach – Planning Coordinator

What We Do:

Petra Coach works with businesses to implement the Rockefeller Habits methodology across a time period. Assisting in discovery of a few key priorities to focus on, creation of a systematic process to execute these priorities while developing a culture of accountability and purpose.

Why We Do It (Our Purpose):

To eliminate the Attitude of TRY from organizations and show them how to DO anything by leveraging the power of purpose, alignment and accountability.

+10Mhb The Petra Coach foundational structure is built on the purpose of ensuring we are serving first. Have a ‘POSITIVE IMPACT ON 10,000,000 HUMAN BEINGS!’

How We Do It (Our Values – How we Behave):

  • There is no TRY – only DO!
  • I’ve got your Back – no matter what!
  • Please and Thank You – say it and mean it!
  • Everything an Experience – every time!
  • See around the curves – anticipate needs and pre-fill them!
  • Be Curious – and why and improve!

Outcomes of the Planning Coordinator Role:

  • Office/Admin. help – The ability to do it all. Keeping the fridge stocked with plenty of Red Bulls to retyping articles and recaps to taking out the trash. The Planning Coordinator is often the only person in the office so we need them to hold down the fort.
  • Inventory management – make sure we always have extra of each supply and they we never run out. Be 3 steps ahead of each item.
  • Prepping 4 week in advance for member’s planning days – packing and shipping material is the most important task for the Planning Coordinator to manage.
  • Managing our Survey Monkey account with dedicated surveys for 70+ member companies. This requires a consistent follow-up to these teams to ensure the survey is completed prior to the planning day.
  • Managing our events calendar via WordPress. Updating these daily to keep up with our constant changing schedules.
  • Using the Emma email software to create and distribute our weekly newsletters out to 5,000+ people
  • Social Media – we are very involved in social media and need someone to help with our Hootsuite updates and maintaining social media for 10+ account.
  • Host meetings – the ability to step in and meet with potential members or lead a webinar to discuss Petra Coach or Align.
  • Maintaining and regularly updating our member contact list in both Zoho our CRM and the Emma distribution list
  • Birthday cards out to all members on a monthly basis
  • Managing our DiSC reports for members. Sending out and downloading all DiSC reports via the Inscape software tool
  • Check-ins – reaching out to members and holding them accountable for the items they said were important if they fall behind. This means being firm and gaining commitment from each person.

Competencies of the Planning Coordinator

  • Highly organized in such a way that no detail is overlooked – yet flexible
  • Working knowledge of general business practices – Finance, Sales Process, Operations – etc.
  • Knowledge of the Rockefeller Habits if a HUGE bonus.
  • Willingness to ask for help. This role involves A LOT of moving pieces so asking for help if you are behind or lost is a must in our world.
  • Technically oriented – does not mean you have to know it all, but that you like it and are willing to dive in.
  • Ability to speak with people – form a relationship – find a need – fill the need.
  • Commands attention – with their presence and their attitude (not arrogant- just confident).
  • Willing to fail – willing to learn from the failure and keep going.
  • Inherent “drive” – taking action. Doesn’t wait to be told details, can take an outcome and figure out the rest.
  • Committed long-term – learn the ropes and stay with it.
  • Task driven is huge – a typical day requires hoping from task to task without missing a beat.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office – knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint will get you far – the ability to use a MacBook or PC.

Next Steps:

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