Petra Coach – Coach

Role: Pool Player – Coach

What Petra Does

Petra Coach works with businesses to implement the Rockefeller Habits methodology across a time period. Assisting in discovery of a few key priorities to focus on, creation of a systematic process to execute these priorities while developing a culture of accountability and purpose. The Coach Coordinator plays a key role in ensuring both the coach AND the member company continually progress toward full implementation.

Why Petra Does It (Our Purpose):

To eliminate the Attitude of TRY from organizations and show them how to DO anything by leveraging the power of purpose, alignment and accountability.

How Petra Does It (Our Values – How we Behave):

  • There is no TRY – only DO!
  • I’ve got your Back – no matter what!
  • Please and Thank You – say it and mean it!
  • Everything an Experience – every time!
  • See around the curves – anticipate needs and pre-fill them!
  • Be Curious – and why and improve!

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