Rob Simons, Certified Petra Coach

With his 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, brand expert, facilitator, speaker and business coach, Rob Simons is best known for working with individuals and companies to bring their brands, or “stories,” to life.

During his time at Auburn University, he established himself as a consultant and speaker in the emerging personal computer and desktop publishing industries. There, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Rob founded PixelWorks Corporation in 1993 to serve the interactive advertising industry. Three years later, he sold PixelWorks and founded Toolbox Studios, Inc., a content marketing firm that has received numerous awards for its work in publishing, branding and financial services.

Rob is a certified Gazelles International Four Decisions™ Coach and works with companies to create a culture of purpose, alignment and accountability using the Rockefeller Habits. His clients are typically mid-market companies looking for focused, fast growth and profit margins that dramatically exceed the industry average.

He knows that every person, company and brand has a compelling story and that sharing this story is the best way to inspire, educate and grow. With Rob’s help, every client will answer the elusive “why?” question, define a core purpose and find memorable ways to develop and share that organization’s narrative.


  • Creating a culture of purpose, alignment and accountability using the Rockefeller Habits
  • Defining your company’s “why?”
  • The importance of a great elevator pitch
  • An entrepreneur’s guide to financials—what your CPA isn’t telling you
  • Marketing to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI)
  • The art of facilitation and group leadership skills


WTF?! (Where’s the Focus?!) Focus and Prioritize to Get Sh*t Done:

Rob Simons will crush the myth of time management (Yes, that’s right. Time management doesn’t exist.) and focus on goal setting, efficiency and priority management. After providing goal discovery and execution techniques and providing audience members with tangible focus and concentration techniques, Rob will delve into four priority management techniques:

  • Create true focus in your life
  • Clearly define and visualize your goals
  • Manage your routine to result in consistent execution
  • Fight off the demons that steal your time and attention

The content in this presentation is beneficial to everyone from C-level executives to college freshman. Everyone can benefit from Andy’s prioritization techniques. Not only that, attendees will leave with a personalized actionable plan.

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop:

Rob will lead attendees through the world-renowned Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: Four Decisions™ Workshop. Participants will learn about the Four Decisions™ that are critical to maximizing revenue, profit and time. The presentation includes:

  • An overview of the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Four Decisions™: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash
  • An executable quarterly plan for the current or following quarter, built for your team
  • Simple, practical and applicable execution tools to improve your business right away
  • A team talent review that identifies your A, B and C performers and specific “next step” actions

This workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs, leadership teams and managers that need to build alignment, accountability and acceleration in their company or team. Many of the exercises are intended for interactive group work.


Rob has presented at dozens of forums, conferences and panels. Here are a few of his most noteworthy speaking experiences:

  • Charles Schwab IMPACT Conference
  • San Antonio Round Up Conference
  • Accelerator Workshops (Austin, Miami and San Antonio)
  • EO Global Leadership Conferences (Bahrain, Manilla, Panama and Vancouver)
  • EO Regional Leadership Conferences (Cancun, Guatemala, Hawaii and more)