Petra Coach – Coach Coordinator

Role: Petra Coach – Coach Coordinator

What We Do:

Petra Coach works with businesses to implement the Rockefeller Habits methodology through quarterly planning sessions over a period of time. We work to define a clear and measurable set of priorities and implement a system to ensure these priorities get DONE!. All while developing a culture of accountability and purpose. The Coach Coordinator plays a key role in ensuring both the coach AND the member company continually progress toward full Rockefeller Habits implementation.

Why We Do It (Our Purpose):

To eliminate the attitude of TRY from organizations and show them how to DO anything by leveraging the power of purpose, alignment and accountability.

+10Mhb The Petra Coach foundational structure is built on the purpose of ensuring we are serving first. Have a ‘POSITIVE IMPACT ON 10,000,000 HUMAN BEINGS!

How We Do It (Our Values – How we Behave):

There is NO TRY – ONLY DO!

I’ve Got Your Back – no matter what!

Please and Thank You – say it and mean it!

Everything is an Experience – every time!

See Around the Curves – anticipate needs and pre-fill them!

Be Curious – and why and improve!

Outcomes of the CC Role:

  • Member planning sessions fully booked 1 year in advance – Travel booked 30 days in advance.
  • Attending quarterly planning sessions with a certified Petra Coach – Set up/break down and stepping in throughout the day – This mean travel each quarter to visit that member.
  • Ability to coach the member through activities either face-to-face, on a phone call or through video conferencing. 6 personal ‘check-ins’ with each member, up to 75 per quarter.
  • To be the eyes and ears for the coach and make sure we exceed our member’s expectations.
  • Roadmap implementation- working with the coach and Petra member to implement the Rockefeller Habits exercises in-between planning. Knowledge of the 44 Rockefeller Habits exercises
  • Being the point of contact for accountability management- proactive outreach.
  • Preparation and recaps completed for all planning sessions within 48 hours.
  • Promotion of Align software to members and potential users- webinars, presentations, and client management of users. Deep knowledge of the software and ability to train Petra members.
  • Growing the Petra/Align brand. Marketing services and meeting with potential members for new business.
  • Driving Social Media for Align and Petra and maintaining updates for various coaches.

Competencies of the CC Role:

  • Ability to travel with overnight stays (up to 15 nights per quarter in various cities). Some days are long or require weekend travel.
  • Have transportation – you may have to travel to a member’s location on your own to meet the coach. Some drive times may be as far as 5 hours away.
  • Highly organized in such a way that no detail is overlooked – yet flexible
  • Knowledge of the Rockefeller Habits is a HUGE bonus.
  • Working knowledge of general business practices – Finance, Sales Process, Operations – etc.
  • Technically oriented- ability to use basic MS Office and drive the Align Today Software. AV skills are often needed for planning day.
  • Ability to speak with people – form a relationship- find a need – fill the need.
  • Commands attention – with their presence and their attitude (not arrogant- just confident).
  • Willing to fail – willing to learn from the failure and keep going.
  • Inherent “drive” – taking action. Doesn’t wait to be told details, can take an outcome and figure out the rest. – This is HUGE
  • Ability to speak in front of large groups of people either about Align, Petra, DiSC or whatever comes along. Small groups to on-stage presentations.
  • Be able to flex in a leader and follower role seamlessly – You must be comfortable with directing a CEO and then taking their trash throughout the day.
  • Be a part of a team and work as a team – we need someone who wants to build others, assist others and have fun doing it.

Coach Coordinator Behaviors:

  • Change Behaviors – a CC will need to gain high levels of energy and satisfaction from the accomplishments of others.
  • Don’t Just Teach Skills – a CC will need to be able to ask questions and get others to think on their own rather than just giving answers.
  • Make a Difference Now – a CC will need to daily seek ways to make a difference for both the coach and the client.
  • Leave a Mark Forever – a CC will follow the principal of ’25 year relationships’ in all work to ensure a lifelong positive impact.

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