Petra Coach – Accountability Coach

Role: Petra Coach – Accountability Coach (Full-Time)

What we DO!

  1. Define clear and measurable plans for teams across North America
  2. Implement systems to ensure those plans get done
  3. Build cultures of purpose, alignment and accountably – and have fun doing it!


Why We Do It (Our Purpose):

We believe we exist to Change Lives 3 Layers Deep – The HEAD, The HEART, The SOUL. Change people in positive ways so that they can change people in positive ways.


The Petra Coach foundational structure is built on the purpose of ensuring we are serving first. Have a ‘POSITIVE IMPACT ON 10,000,000 HUMAN BEINGS!’


How We Do It (Our Values – How we Behave with each other, with our members, with our community – with ourselves):

  • There is no TRY – only DO!
  • I’ve got your Back – no matter what!
  • Please and Thank You – say it and mean it!
  • Everything an Experience – every time!
  • See around the curves – anticipate needs and pre-fill them!
  • Be Curious – and why and improve!


Competencies of the AC Role:

  • Can you navigate airports and rental car depots like a champion all with a smile on your face?
  • Do you have a reliable vehicle? You will have to get yourself to work and sometimes to our member’s offices.
  • Are you organized in such a way that no detail is overlooked – yet flexible?
  • Do you have any knowledge of the Rockefeller Habits? It’s a HUGE bonus and speeds it all up.
  • Do you have a working knowledge of general business practices – Finance, Sales Process, Operations – etc.?
  • Are you technically oriented – having the ability to use basic MS Office, AV Equipment for meetings and learn new stuff quickly?
  • Do you possess the ability to relate to people – form a relationship – find a need – fill the need.
  • Have you been told you command attention – with their presence and your attitude (not arrogant- just confident)?
  • Are you willing to fail and willing to learn from the failure and keep going?
  • Do you have inherent “drive” – do you act and not wait to be told all the details, can take an outcome and figure out the rest?
  • Do you have the ability to speak in front of groups of people? Everyone is nervous but can you do it?
  • Can you flex from a leader role and follower role and back seamlessly? Comfortable with directing a CEO and then taking their trash throughout the day.

Do you see yourself as part of a team and working as a team – we need someone who wants to build others, assist others and have fun doing it!


Outcomes of the AC Role: 

  • Booking of our members planning meetings 1 year in advance – Managing travel bookings 30 days in advance.
  • Attending quarterly planning sessions with a certified Petra Coach – Set up/break down and stepping in throughout the day – This means travel each quarter to visit many of our members. Up to 20 members per quarter.
  • Ability to coach the member through activities either face-to-face, on a phone call or through video conferencing. Personal ‘check-ins’ with each member. Up to 75 per quarter.
  • To be the eyes and ears for the coach and make sure we exceed our member’s expectations.
  • Roadmap Implementation- working with the coach and Petra member to implement the Rockefeller Habits exercises in-between planning. Understanding of the 44 Rockefeller Habits exercises and helping teams with it all.
  • Being the point of contact for your assigned members – proactive outreach.
  • Preparation and recaps completed for all planning sessions within 48 hours.
  • Promotion of Align software to members and potential users- webinars, presentations, and client management of users. Deep knowledge of the software and ability to train Petra members.
  • Growing the Petra/Align brand. Marketing services and meeting with potential members for new business.
  • Driving Social Media for Align and Petra and maintaining updates for various coaches.
  • Ability to conduct DiSC trainings for your members within a 12-month period


Accountability Coach Behaviors:

  • Change Behaviors – an AC needs to gain high levels of energy and satisfaction from the accomplishments of others.
  • Don’t Just Teach Skills – an AC needs to be able to ask questions and get others to think on their own rather than just giving answers.
  • Make a Difference Now – an AC needs to daily seek ways to make a difference for themselves, the team, the coach and the member.
  • Leave a Mark Forever – an AC must follow the principal of ’25 year relationships’ in all work to ensure a lifelong positive impact.


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